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Knowing What Grants are Available to You

Mar 06, 2014

As a student who is entering college or university in the United States, it is important to understand the various types of assistance programs that have been developed to help you cover the cost of your most crucial years in school.

The Fulbright U.S. Student Program

Mar 04, 2014

This program was designed to help graduate students find and obtain employment outside of the U.S. as teaching assistants.

What Help Can I get to Help Pay for School Costs

Feb 19, 2014

Raising children is tough and expensive. Years at school are mean to be your children’s’ “time of their lives”. This may well be true, but the truth of the matter is that it is often not the parents’ time of their lives.

Requirements for Applying for an Education Grant

Jan 09, 2013

If you need help with paying for your college education you have a variety of resources, including loans, grants, scholarships and Federal student aid

How to Apply for an Education Grant

Jan 07, 2013

Education grants are money offered to a select group of students for their college tuition and other expenses.

Applying for Education Grants

Dec 04, 2012

Applying for any type of financial aid can seem daunting. There may be confusion about what application you need, where to send them or if they need to be filled out at all.

The Two Types of Education Grants

Nov 30, 2012

Understanding the two types of education grants is vital if you are considering applying for education grants for either a community or private use. The following are the two types of education grants and information about each grant.

Getting a Parenting Education Grant

Nov 28, 2012

If you operate a nonprofit organization or an organization that offers the educational programs, then knowing how to obtain a parenting education grant is vital.

Writing an Education Grant

Nov 26, 2012

If this is your first time writing education grant there are several steps that you can take in order to write a professional and well spoken education grants that will be well received and accepted

Tips for applying for education grants

Oct 25, 2012

Once you have decided that you want to use grants to help fund your education, you have to begin focusing on how you are going to attain them.

How to use education grants to your advantage

Oct 24, 2012

Earning a grant is a great way to empower your self-esteem and direct your education towards your overall goals.

Dispelling Myths and Saving Money with Financial Aid

Aug 31, 2012

No matter how the coin flips, Pell Grants and FAFSA can help you get more money for college.

Paying for College Housing and How Grants Can Help

Aug 29, 2012

Grants can also help you pay for your room and board, whether on or off campus.

8 Steps for Online Students Getting the Pell Grant

Aug 27, 2012

Online students often think they’re ineligible for Pell Grants. It’s silly and untrue. See why.

Sensational Financial Aid Essay Guide

Aug 17, 2012

Write your heart out for scholarship essays but know the tricks of setting up your essay and acing the topic beforehand.

How to Apply for SMART Grant

Aug 15, 2012

SMART grants for futur teachers, but there are some specific limitations that you should take note before applying.

Can You Use Financial Aid to Purchase a Computer

Aug 13, 2012

Computers are one of the essentials for getting ahead in college, so can you use financial aid to get a laptop for yourself?

Should You Accept Federal Student Loans?

Aug 08, 2012

Some student loans may not be as bad as others, but they still have the potential to get you in a lot of debt.

Tips for Checking Pell Grant Award Amount

Aug 06, 2012

Understanding your Pell Grant and financial aid award package is essential to getting the most from federal aid.

How Marriage Affects Eligibility for Pell Grant

Jul 20, 2012

Does your marriage give you less or more with Pell Grant awards?

Little Known FSEOG Aid Facts

Jul 18, 2012

Want to get a bit more financial aid next year? Check out FSEOG facts for information on how to get into this grant program.

How Pell Grants Affect Taxes

Jul 16, 2012

Did you accurately report Pell Grant funds this year? Maybe not. Learn more about your status with Pell Grant and see if you need to make changes.

How to Complete Federal Student Aid Verification

Jul 06, 2012

Colleges often ask for verification after you’ve turned in a FAFSA. In order to get your financial aid, you’ll need to fill in the blanks and provide documents to prove your income.

How Does Federal Pell Grant Work?

Jul 05, 2012

Federal aid is one of the top reasons why so many students are able to go to school, and at the top of the aid list is the Pell Grant.

How You Can Increase Your Financial Aid Package

Mar 23, 2012

You should get the most money to go to college, and EGFS has some ideas on how to do it.

Losing Financial Aid and How to Get It Back

Mar 21, 2012

After you go through an academic probation, or even before, there are ways that you can prevent your aid from being taken away and get it back.

Being Smart with Student Loans

Mar 20, 2012

Recent statistics show student loan debt is rising, but how can students take measures to protect themselves?

Applying with FAFSA Even if You Think You’re Ineligible

Mar 08, 2012

Even if you don't think you'll qualify, it's important to still apply with FAFSA.

Study Abroad Scholarships for Summer

Mar 07, 2012

Studying abroad can open up plenty of opportunities, and these scholarships can help.

Spring Break Alternatives to Help Your Education

Mar 06, 2012

Some helpful ways to get ahead while taking a break off from school.

Top Questions for Federal Financial Aid

Mar 05, 2012

The answers to your top financial aid questions can help you get the most from FAFSA.

Ray Martin Helps Students Maximize Next Year’s Financial Aid

Feb 24, 2012

CBS columnist talks about ways to help you get a bigger financial aid award.

Why Tuition Costs are Rising

Feb 21, 2012

Tuition costs continue to go up, see why.

Creative Scholarships Worth $10,000 for Literary and Visual Arts

Feb 15, 2012

Creative scholarships can offer artists and writers a full-ride award for winners.

New Scholarship Opportunity to Offset Tuition Costs

Feb 14, 2012

Scholarship opportunity will give awards away for commenting on Facebook.

MTV’s New Financial Aid Page

Feb 09, 2012

MTV sparks new interest in financial aid with hip hop star.

Obama’s Changes for Federal Financial Aid

Feb 08, 2012

Obama plans new changes to the federal student aid program.

Textbook Costs are Rising

Feb 03, 2012

Textbook costs are rising. See what you can do to get a cheaper book.

Colorado Schools Prepare Students for Financial Aid Season

Feb 01, 2012

Colorado schools take an initiative around the state to help parents and kids get more financial aid.

Financial Aid Deadlines Being Extended in Some Areas

Jan 20, 2012

Some community colleges are extending financial aid deadlines to those who are the cusp of losing their financial aid.

Stop Draining Your Bank Account for College

Jan 18, 2012

If you are paying for college out of pocket or your child is about to go into school, here are some ways to cut costs.

New College Aid Financial Workshops

Jan 16, 2012

Financial aid workshops help high school and first time college students prepare for college costs.

Orphans Receiving Financial Aid

Jan 03, 2012

In a new financial aid program for education in India, orphans will now receive money to go to school as well as new policies to help with the orphanage system.

Who Should Help You with Your FAFSA?

Jan 01, 2012

FAFSA has multiple forms to fill out. So should a tax expert or a financial aid expert be the one to help you?

Football Creates More FinAid for UW

Dec 31, 2011

Football program at UW has had a very good year, which will need to new revenue for financial aid.

Saving the Pell Grant from Federal Budget Cuts

Nov 08, 2011

A new petition aims to save federal funding for higher education like the Pell Grant from being cut.

Process for Educational Grant Applications

Oct 27, 2011

Remember your deadlines for filing your grant applications and always check with your college about specific guidelines during the grant process.

Grants for Teaching

Oct 25, 2011

Find the right teacher grant to help educators in school. Government funding is available for education students seeking financial help.

Grants for Veterans

Oct 24, 2011

The benefits for veterans have increased to include grants for veterans that make it possible to go to college. These veteran scholarships make the transition easier.

Grants for Technology

Oct 23, 2011

Technological degree seekers increase every year. Narrow your search for a technological grant with these tips.

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