Getting a Parenting Education Grant

November 28, 2012

As many individuals are aware, there are several education grants available depending on the type of academic or educational needs the individual has. Parental education programs address child abuse, child neglect and help parents develop proper parenting skills. If you operate a nonprofit organization or an organization that offers the educational programs, then knowing how to obtain a parenting education grant is vital. The following is a list of ways that an individual or nonprofit organization can use to get parenting education grants for their organization.

Research and Inventory Needs

Before the nonprofit organization or representative contacts and agency for a parenting education grant, the first step of research and inventory needs to be taken. Researching inventory means going through the needs of your particular nonprofit organization. For example, if a nonprofit organization offers parenting courses for those individuals who have been incarcerated and are now able to take care of their child then you will want to make sure that you have special programs in place and inventory of those programs. A prime example are programs that help assist new mothers who have given birth to their children while incarcerated and are now placed back into the community but may not have parenting skills. The nonprofit agency may put into place not only classes but options to help parents maintain their households, jobs and other necessary daily living items to continue the parenting process. This all should be part of the research and inventory needs for the nonprofit organization trying to obtain a parenting education grant.

Programs, Details and Use of Funds

The second step in getting an education grant is to know what programs you want to implement, the details about those programs and how funds will be used in order to implement various programs for the parenting education system. Using the example of a formerly incarcerated mother who is new to parenting will show a nonprofit organization what doesn't parenting education grants. If the nonprofit organization assisting these formerly incarcerated mothers wants to offer not only a halfway house but also a program that allows the individual to have a roof over their head, take care of their child, clothing child, feed the child, feed themselves and learn vital life skills in order to obtain a job and maintain parenting as a long-term goal then they will need to implement the programs and write specific details and how the funds will be used in order to find these various programs. This is a vital part of writing a proposal or applying for a parenting education grant.

Agency Knowledge

Having knowledge of the agency offering the parenting education grant is also vital. In order to get a parenting education grant, the nonprofit organization organizations seeking the grant will need to know what the agency truly offers. No grant is alike. One parenting education grant may only cover housing or clothing as part of the parenting option while another may only cover the academic or educational portions of the parenting education agency. Finding out knowledge about the agency and what they offer with the parenting education grant should be the step just before applying for the parenting education grant.

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