How to Apply for an Education Grant

January 7, 2013

Education grants are money offered to a select group of students for their college tuition and other expenses. Each grant has different eligibility requirements, application instruction and dates to submit the application and other information. College tuition is often very expensive and grants are a great way to get assistance paying for it. They are more beneficial to loans because they don't ever have to be paid back.

Information to get Started

Before starting to look for grants and apply for them, father information you might need. This includes your proof of income like tax returns or bank statements, social security number, address, college transcripts with college credits and GPS and other information. If you're under 25 you might be considered a dependent and will therefore need your parents income statements or tax returns for the last year. You should also decide on the college you want to attend, how much the tuition, books, and other fees cost, and choose a major as well. It can also help to apply for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying.

Eligibility Requirements

When you find a grant you're interested in, the first thing you should do is look at their eligibility requirements. Each one will have their own specific requirements but in general, they will have income restriction, require a high school diploma or GED and possibly a certain GPA, some require certain colleges, degrees or majors to be eligible for the grant, you will need to be a US citizen or legal non-resident, have a social security number, agree to not being default on any other educational loans, and agree the funds will only be used for your education.

Application Criteria

When it comes time to fill out the application, be sure you are adhering to all their criteria and meet the eligibility requirements. Pay attention to the details of the application such as if you need to have applied and been approved for FAFSA, have a certain GPA, are able to include your high school or college transcripts, have proof of your income, and are sending in the application before the date it must be sent by. Also send it according to instructions, such as by mail, fax or email. Don't send it to the organization's email if the application clearly states it should be mailed. This may get you an automatic disqualification.

EducationGrants for school

Whether you’re on your way to school for the first time or thinking about finishing up a degree you should explore your options when it comes to obtaining Grants for School.

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