Knowing What Grants are Available to You

March 6, 2014

As a student who is entering college or university in the United States, it is important to understand the various types of assistance programs that have been developed to help you cover the cost of your most crucial years in school. Before you can apply for financial aid, you will want to consider looking into the types of grants that exist and are available to university or college students in your state. For the purpose of this article, the five most common grants available to young people and new students in the United States will be described.

Categorical Grants

If you wish to qualify for this type of grant, you will need to contact the agency or department that handles federal aid in your state. This type of grant is administered and provided by the local government; however, there are some conditions which must be met before this type of grant can be awarded to U.S. citizens. Under this category, you will find grants that are offered to the public through social programs and community initiatives.

Grants for Projects

These types of grants are also known as project grants, and the title describes the type of grant that it is. More specifically, project grants are provided by the local government and invested in research projects that require financial assistance. By funding projects for medical or scientific research, individuals are able to acquire the qualifications that they need to work in their respective fields. In most cases, graduate students will be considered as the most qualified candidates for this type of grant.

Block Grants

The block grant is typically seen in the political sector as it involves the national government providing the federal government with funding for certain categorical projects. Through this type of grant, the federal government will receive a large sum of money that it can choose to distribute to individuals and organizations that are hoping to receive categorical grants. However, one issue that exists involving this type of grant is that the federal government is not limited to using this funding for academic support and financial aid purposes. Therefore, the money can be put towards any project that the federal government believes need the financial support.

Earmark Grants

This type of grant is well known and recognized by the majority of individuals in the political sector. The earmark grant is considered a legislative provision that dictates where and how a certain amount of funding will be used in the state. These grants are particularly sought out because they are exempt from taxation and other existing fees. Moreover, there are two types of earmark grants in that there is the soft and the hard earmarks. The soft earmark is considered more flexible than the hard earmarks. In most cases, the hard earmarks are legally binding and cannot be changed.

Categories for Grant Programs

Within the United States, there are just less than 1000 types of grant programs, and these programs fall into various categories. The following list will outline some of the most common categories to be chosen for grants and other forms of financial support.

  • Business
  • Community Development
  • Natural Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Housing
  • Health and Medicine

EducationGrants for school

Whether you’re on your way to school for the first time or thinking about finishing up a degree you should explore your options when it comes to obtaining Grants for School.

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