New College Aid Financial Workshops

January 16, 2012

Colleges and high schools are putting together financial aid workshops for students who are about to graduate and for students who are about to enter the first college year or who are returning to college after a period of absence. For example, the California Student Aid Commission is just one education institution holding a series of workshops for students in Pasadena that intend to apply financial aid. Many colleges and high schools put together these workshops at the behest of parents, though students are the one who benefit the most.

A workshop is designed to give students several different classes over a period of time, usually taught by teachers, financial aid administrators and school officials. The workshops are different classes designed to teach students about what financial aid is available to them and how to apply for the financial aid before the deadline. The workshops go over what types of financial aid are available and how to find even more aid through scholarships.

Most workshops are held after school, between the hours of 4 to 7 pm, so that students and parents are able to go to workshop. Students and parents should attend these together, so that both know how to apply and what the deadlines are. Families who want to receive direct assistance can usually apply for financial aid right through the workshop, but that means that parents and students need to bring income and tax records.

Some schools offer promotional scholarships for attending workshops. The California Student Aid Commission is offering a $1,000 scholarship drawing for those who participate in this week's workshops. You can always read more about federal student aid grants and loans by clicking here.

The workshops are important for any student who has questions about what is needed to apply for financial aid or how to apply online. If you have trouble applying in English or if you do not own a computer, a workshop can assist you in filling out a paper application or talking to a representative with more experience in how to apply and what aid is available for you to take advantage. There are multiple aid sources available for most students. Even if you do not qualify for federal student aid, workshops can also help you look up scholarships that you may also be eligible for. You can read more about scholarship searches on this website or by visiting Collegeboard.

You can talk to your counselor and school's financial aid office to plan a workshop for your school.

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