Spring Break Alternatives to Help Your Education

March 6, 2012

While vacation and relaxation are top priority for most college students on Spring Break, there are ways to enhance your education and even get some college credit while you are on break. Typically, Spring Break periods only last for about a week, but that’s enough time to take on an online class, visit a historical site or take steps to enhance your career. These are some top ways that you can use towards that end.

1. Enroll in an Online Course

If you are behind in your major or you simply want to get ahead, you can start an online course during your break. You may have to get the green light from your school in order to enroll, but in many cases, you can start something right away. You can also use the class to gain more understanding of a current subject or you can receive online tutoring to further help in a class if you’re struggling.

2. Road Trip to Historical Sits and Museums

You can take trips to help your current projects and essays in your courses. There are plenty of museums and historical sites that can enhance your understanding and also make a fun vacation. You should pick a road trip that will take you to different places and also coincides with things that you want to learn. The road trip can last the entire week or just a weekend.

3. Testing Your Language Skills

If you have been studying a language currently, you can test your skills by visiting the origin of your newfound skills. There are plenty of study abroad spring break trips as well. You can travel to Spain or Mexico if you learned Spanish or you can head to France to brush up more on your French skills. Most colleges even offer a short seminar course in another country to help you work on your speech and earn credits while you are away.

4. Volunteer Trips

If you are working on getting into a prestigious graduate school or you simply want to help those who are needy, you can go on a volunteer trip during your spring break. You don’t have to be part of a church either to get signed up. You can volunteer anywhere. It doesn’t have to be in the United States either. These short trip experiences provide valuable learning opportunities and also allow you to gain some much needed volunteer time.

5. Becoming Certified

There are certification courses that you can take during the Spring Break, such as first aid certification. You can take a course in CPR, first and emergency response techniques. It can also last only a single day and you can use it for college credit for certain majors. You can talk to your school’s advisors to find out more information.

6. Internships

If you haven’t already gotten started on an internship and you plan on getting into graduate school or you want to work for a particular corporation, internships look great on college admissions and resumes. You can find out more about the particular field and gain some valuable experience while working on an internship. You can also further your career and learn more about the position that you want to attain after you graduate.

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