The Two Types of Education Grants

November 30, 2012

Understanding the two types of education grants is vital if you are considering applying for education grants for either a community or private use. The following are the two types of education grants and information about each grant.

Private Education Grants

Private education grants are one of the most common types of education grant available. These education grants are funds that are offered to private organizations to give to students. These types of grants are not loans. A private education grant does not require repayments to the grant organization, agency or to the private organizations of filling the grant. Private education grants are not offered through a school or government. These education grants are funded by a private-sector group of endowments, companies, profits and company stocks. They may also be funded through private donations. Private education grants are offered to individuals and to organizations on as needed basis. To be considered for these types of grants the individual must be willing to offer full financial disclosure of their finances or their nonprofit organization's finances. This is to determine true need and verifiable need of the individual for the grant. Other application information may require information regarding community services, career goals, academic performances and if they are eligible to receive any further funding or if they have applied for further funding. Private education grants may also be based on merit and educational background. These private education grants can be received through individuals, private sectors and organizations.

Adult Education Grants

Adult education grants are another type of education grant. Adult education grants tend to focus on offering grants as an extension or supplemental funding for adults who are continuing their education. This continuing education can be in a trade, career diploma, certification or most commonly in higher education options such as associate degrees and bachelor's degrees. These types of grants are applied to the tuition with any remaining money made available for the student. The student should be using the available money for books and expenses during the educational process. Educational adult grants or adult education grants can be used for education, music, art, business administration and any other form of educational college or academic major. It should be noted that art and music grants generally require that the individual show some verifiable credentials or a recital performance in order to receive the grants. Academic performance and performance in the particular shows in educational field are also required. In order to receive an Adult Education grant the individual would first have to apply with proper agency and then move forward through their process which may include full financial disclosure, academic disclosure and possible recital is the grant is covering Adult Education in an artistic realm.

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