Who Should Help You with Your FAFSA?

January 1, 2012

That's the question that some experts are wondering. You may rely on a family accountant to fill out a FAFSA for you, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. However, accounts don't really know as much as a financial aid expert on how to fill in appropriate details or send the application to the right office at your college. National News Today recently published "Why a Financial Aid Expert—Not an Accountant—Should Complete Your FAFSA, CSS Profile & SAR." The article was written by RSC Your College Prep Expert. The article gives five important reasons to consider when preparing your financial aid for a new college year. The article also suggests that it's better to hire a financial aid expert to complete need-based financial aid forms, allowing students to maximize their financial aid potential.

Lowing Expected Cost of College

Financial aid is meant to lower the overall cost of your tuition and living expenses while in college. In doing so, you want to have a lower expected cost of college based on what you and your family can afford. It's important to note that your parents' income is required when you calculate your expected cost. This is only if you are under the age of 24, which means that you are still considered a dependent of your parents. With a financial aid expert, it's possible to lower the expected cost by thousands of dollars. This is an important number when considering that your financial aid package only covers a portion of your expenses in college.

Appealing Financial Aid Decisions

Many times, a financial aid decision will simply eliminate options for students, specifically if it is a negative or denial of federal funds. A financial aid expert can help you get around these final decisions through an appeal process. While some students are simply not eligible for financial aid, you may have missed something in the application or not sent verification forms to the correct office. You may also have extenuating financial hardship as well. All of these play a factor in appealing a financial aid decision. You can also use a financial aid expert to appeal a financial aid suspension. If you have gone on academic probation or you lost your financial aid due to a bad grade, there are people who can help you appeal to your college advisors and find a way around the block on your college aid.

Correct Completion of Forms

Financial aid forms can be terribly confusing. You have to supply copious amounts of personal information as well as tax information. You also want to make sure that you are giving all of the right information for your parents. In most cases, you will have to complete several forms when applying for grants. It's important to fill them out correctly, or your form could simply be denied. A financial aid expert knows how to answer these questions and also will ensure that your forms are correctly filled out and submitted to the proper offices. If you are confused about your financial aid forms, then the best person to talk to is someone who fills out these forms on a daily basis for thousands of different students.

Financial aid experts are people who specialize in getting more money for college students to go to school. Financial aid packages are typically bigger for students who choose professional help rather than trying to fill out the forms on their own. In addition, experts like RSC also will give free advice. RSC offers free advice twice a month to students and parents through the National News Today wire, which publishes a range of topics on financial aid. You can read about essential college application, ways to fix up a college resume or receive steps to proper guidance while being homeschooled.

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