Are Education Grant Websites Trustworthy

October 22, 2012

If you have spent any time researching the topic of grants while on the internet, you have likely come across some of the many grant websites that are available. These websites collect information about upcoming grants and make it easier for you to apply to these grants via the use of their own website. However, there are many who wonder whether or not these types of websites are reliable and trustworthy at all. Those who are completely new to the concepts of grants and award money tend to get the best results out of using grant websites. Since the sites provide them with a general overview of many of the grant that are available online, it's a good way for a beginner to get the general concept associated with grant applications and the overall process. However, for those who have been dealing with grants for a while, it can be a fairly complicated situation. The problem is that grant websites don't provide you with the information for all of the grants that are available online. In example, you can easily go to the government sites for grants and discover many grants that are not even listed on those grant websites. In contrast, there are also many grants which appear within the course of a normal search via search engine but remain unlisted within the grant website database. These incomplete listings can be very deceptive, allowing people to think that they have applied for all of the grants that they are eligible for. The other issue is that there are many websites that would like to charge individuals for information about grants, which is completely inappropriate. There is no reason that individuals should have to pay money to learn more about grants when the information is available in other locations for free. Unfortunately, many individuals who are new to the topic of grants pay these unnecessary fees because they do not realize that they are being scammed for their money. Ultimately, most grant websites are fairly trustworthy in the sense that they don't sell your information to other companies and they keep your personal information private. However, they do not hold the resources of all of the grants that are available online, so it is important to remember to do some general searching on the internet if you want to find additional grant opportunities. In general, grant websites are a good way to learn about some of the mainstream grants that are available to the public, but individuals who are seeking to earn grants need to know how to use these sites to their best advantage.

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