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December 14, 2012

Grants are commonly used for students who plan to enroll in college but this isn't the only time you can get one. Students showing remarkable talents can also get a grant for a private school, including one for younger students in middle school or high school. There are also grants available for different private colleges as well. Some grants for private school are available to all students regardless of where they go to school, while others are specifically for scholarly individuals who plan to attend a private school they support.

Apply for FAFSA

As any grant website will tell you, you should always apply for the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) as your first step. This lets you choose the college you want to attend and possibly qualify for student assistance based on your income, along with giving private schools and other grant organizations a way to determine your eligibility. It is free to fill out the application, which can be done online.

Find a Grant

Now that you have applied and qualified for FAFSA, you can begin looking for other grants to apply to. Start by looking for grants offered to all students regardless of where they choose to attend college, such as the Federal Pell Grant, or other grants offered by federal organizations. Next, look for grants for private school students, whether it is for high school or college. A variety of organizations offer these grants, including the private schools themselves.

Qualify for Grants

You will also need to meet certain eligibility requirements, such as being considered low income, or having a high GPA from your last school in order to qualify for the private school you want to attend. Chances are if you were eligible for the FAFSA and Federal Pell Grant, you most likely qualify for other federal grants that are need-based and for low income students. Be sure to read the eligibility requirements of each grant very carefully before applying.

The Application Process

When it comes time to apply for grants, they will go over your application and be sure you fit their basic qualifications. If you do and they like your qualities, they will schedule you for an interview. The interview usually consists of going over your application, asking you for more detailed information, and requesting documents that show your current financial status, high school GPA, where you have been accepted or plan to apply, and other details that are relevant. Finally, if you are approved for the grant, they will decide how much you are granted.

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