Education Grants for Single Mothers

December 5, 2012

Single mothers will face several issues during their educational career. They may need a babysitter at odd times, help with transportation or they may choose to go online which incorporates a whole new issue. For those single mothers looking for a way to obtain their degree while juggling the single mother lifestyle, the choices may seem limited. This is primarily due to scheduling and finances. There are, however, several options available for single mothers looking for grants to fund their education while juggling their hectic schedules.

Pell Grant

The Pell Grant is one of the most popular grants that helps individuals obtain their education. This grant is an easy choice with an easy application process for single mothers needing immediate education funding. The Pell Grant generally covers tuition and may cover book and other supplies. Though online education opportunities may not offer the Pell Grant more traditional forms of education will.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant

This federally funded grant system works directly through the educational institution of the students' choice. Money is distributed to cover tuition and fees. The amount of the funding varies depending on the student and their needs. Needs are based on the student's household income and can range from $100 to over $3500 per semester.

Teacher Assistance Grants

There are several choices for individuals who are planning to major in education. Various educational grants are available to cover all, part or various portions of the educational career for individuals who are willing to major in elementary education, secondary education and special education. The basic premise follows that students must complete their studies with a certain GPA and must be willing to work in need based areas which can be rural or inner city school systems.

Work-Study Grants

Work-Study grants are another popular form of grants that single mothers can take advantage of. These programs are offered on campus and may allow for a student to place their child in on campus daycare while they are working through their classes and work-study program. Work-study may cover some of the fees and expenses associated with the degree and awards are available on a case per case or semester system.

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