Enhance Your Education with Technology Grants

August 16, 2012

Smart technologies have revolutionized the way education is experienced and how students interact with other students, teachers and school organizations. You can do a lot with different grants specifically made for technology. Smart classrooms offer complete student workstations and can enhance any computer lab. However, this type of technology isn't easy or cheap to install in classrooms. That's why technology grants are so useful, particularly for schools who need more aid. You can look into these grants to see how you can upgrade your classroom to smarter technology.

U.S. Department of Education Grants

The U.S. Department of Education actually gives funds to help with the "use of new or existing technologies to improve academic achievement." However, this funding is considerably lower than what grants are provided by private organizations. Still, the funds are offered as part of Title I funding for each state. Students can apply for grants through the local school district to help purchase smart technology or to find aid for training on the best uses for technology in the classroom.

National Education Association Grants

The NEA has given over $6 million since 1999 to help enhance classrooms for American students. The association offers two different types of grants, including student achievements grants that help close the achievement gap for students with new smart technology tools or the learning and leadership grants that allow students to increase their own skills by using smart technology in the classroom.

Intel Grants

Intel is a huge name in the computer industry. Known for its processors and advanced technology commitment, the Intel Corporation also provides awards to help improve the technological capabilities of those who are in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade. The awards allow students to gain better skills, specifically in the areas of technology, science and math. Anyone can submit an application for this grant funding online through Intel, which responds to each request. The applications are reviewed quarterly.

Best Buy Grants

Each year, Best Buy has invited teachers to submit applications for grants that would support new smart technology for classroom uses. In 2009, over 1,000 schools were given $2,000 and 50 schools were given the top prize of $10,000 each to make their classrooms "smarter." Each of the 50 schools also become eligible to compete for a $100,000 smart technology grant.

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