Gamers Get Scholarships from TwitchTV, Alienware and SteelSeries

July 17, 2012

Some of the biggest names currently for gamers are partnering up to offer scholarship programs for those who love games and happen to be extremely good at them. The 2012 TwitchTV and Alienware Scholarship which was announced at E3 2012, will give away $50,000 to five students based on academic credentials, achievements and passion for gaming.

The scholarship will be awarded by a committee of industry experts who will look at all scholarship applications and select the winners based on grades, gaming achievements and an essay. The essay will show how much games really mean to the applications, but applicants have to go further still. They have to submit a personal video that demonstrates why they deserve academic funding, along with how well they can perform at their favorite games. A press release from TwitchTV revealed the high ranks on game leaderboards or a history of earning cash prizes at gaming tournaments can help applicants show off their skills and passion.

The scholarship is accepting applications for a little over a month, starting June 5th and ending July 15th. The winners will be announced on August 15th. More information can be found by going to the TwitchTV Scholarship Program website located here.

This isn't the first scholarship to ever recognize gamers, as the Penny Arcade Scholarship has been giving away $10,000 to promising students since 2007, but it's actually the first time that an academic scholarship was awarded because someone was good at video games. The reason for the scholarship in some respect is to legitimize why people should be good at video games and also show how it can encourage other students towards academic excellence.

In addition, applicants have to think critically about the hobby and really be both a participant in their academics as well as gaming industry in order to win. The scholarship is designed to test skill just as much as commitment to school, and how those two are working together for the student. In addition, students can demonstrate how the scholarship would help them, both academically and as gamers. It's an important step for TwitchTV, SteelSeries and Alienware to provide a scholarship to a part of the population that doesn't often see scholarships just for video game skills.

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