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February 3, 2012

How are so many college students getting through their first year of college in shorter time and paying nothing to do so? The CLEP exam offers an amazing opportunity for students to get out of taking and paying for multiple courses. The CLEP exam is also called College Level Examination Program. It is a group of tests that are given to those who want to take the standardized test that shows they already know enough information to be granted credit for the course. There are different qualifying scores depending on your state and subject that will effect if you can “CLEP out” of a course.

CLEP tests usually take 90 minutes and cost about $77 each. The tests are free to U.S. military members and veterans. If you take the optional essay portion of same of the exams, then there is an additional fee of $10. So how is that free? Well, it isn’t, but at least it is less expensive than the cost of a full tuition at an average $5,000 per semester, and you still can save yourself almost two years of school simply by taking the exam. You can also save time by not having to take math courses, foreign language classes and even English courses.

You have to prepare for the CLEP exam like any other standardized tests. There are free courses that you can take online, for example through The courses are designed to give you an overall view of the subject while teaching some of the advanced philosophies that are also necessary to passing the exam. You will have to study for the exam and prepare for at least three months in advance if you do not have a lot of familiarity with the subject.

You can also find various CLEP preparation materials including the Official CLEP Study Guides and Finish College Fast CLEP Study Guide. These are available online or you may order them. The study guides should give you plenty of test questions and fake tests that will allow you to understand the directions and also get through the test on the exam day.

Once you’ve completed your tests, you’ll receive the scores and they can be passed on to your college of choice. If you have met the qualification scores, then you will be credited for the courses that you passed the test for. You can take the tests individually over the course of a few years. It’s best to take the courses while you are in college in order to use financial aid for the test fees and avoid having to pay the course fees or pay for textbooks.

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