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October 24, 2011

When it comes to paying for your education, it doesn’t get any better than a grant. These aren't loans that have to be paid by. Instead, they are a onetime lump sum to help defer the cost of your education. The only catch is that you need to complete an application that explains how you're going to use this grant money. Typically, this means concentrating your studies on a specific field. Diving into the world of education grants will have you confronted by hundreds of possible avenues to explore. The first, best resource to tap into would be all the grants made available by our own government. At grants.gov you'll be introduced to an amazing array of possible grants with "one-click" access to all the applications.

One Thousand Grant Programs from Twenty-Six Agencies

Say what you will about the growth of government; at least all those agencies step up when it comes time to hand out the education grant money. On the long list of those agencies are:

  • The Agency for International Development that provides humanitarian assistance to countries all over the world.
  • The Department of Agriculture which was established in 1862 and overseas the 200 million acres of government land and the USDA which promotes American farmers and ranchers.
  • The Department of Defense which covers peacekeeping, war-fighting, Homeland Security and humanitarian causes
  • The Department of Education that is set up to promote educational excellence through federal learning programs.

That is just the tip of the grant "iceberg." Among the specific categories are grants for study in the arts, business, commerce, disaster prevention, employment, energy, housing, science and technology. The bottom line is that government grant money is there for the taking; you just need to ask. And asking is free!

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