Grants for Returning to College

November 28, 2012

One of the most common needs of individuals returning to school is the need for educational grants. Many individuals were returning to school may already have student loans or may not want to take out an increased amount of debt. For this reason, these individuals will look towards grants specifically designed for returning to school. The following is a list of ways to find grants to return to college. Some of these grants maybe used for the school while others are for private sectors.

Pell Grant

The Pell grant is a government based grant that is based on the need of the individual. Full financial disclosure is required in order to receive this grant or be eligible for the grant. Pell grants run through the government and do not need to be repaid. A Pell grant will generally cover between $500 and $1500 of tuition which may also be put towards books if there are any remaining funds. A Pell grant is easy to apply for with the application being available online or through the financial aid office of the chosen institution. Pell grants are generally accepted at four-year universities, two-year community colleges, Junior colleges and trade schools. In order to find out if your school of choice accepts the Pell grant you should contact their financial aid department. It should be noted that Pell grants are also available for online learning depending on the accreditation of the school. If you have chosen online learning you will need to contact the financial aid or tuition management office to determine if a Pell grant will be accepted through the institution.

School Grants

School and program grants are also available for students who are returning to college. If the individual is attending a school that accepts the Pell grant the likelihood is very high that the school also have other grants available depending on the program of study. Nursing, education, elementary education, special education, daycare providing and certain trades generally have some form of private grant through the school. These grants will need to be applied for the time the individual plies for a Pell grant and may work in conjunction with the Pell grant cover the full amount of academic expenses. Remember, that Pell grants and school grants will need to be applied for each year in order to maintain the academic coverage.

Private Non-Profit Grants

Private and nonprofit grants are also available for individuals returning to school. Adults who are single parents or have come from an abusive background may be able to receive a private grant in order to attend online University or to attend a continuing education program. Forms for these types of nonprofit grants will also be available in your financial aid office.

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