Qualifications for Educational Grants

November 29, 2012

There are many misconceptions regarding qualifications for education grants. Some qualifications are based on the type of grant the individuals trying receive while others are based on academics only and still others are based on income only. The following is a list of qualifications for educational grants that a student can expect to have to verify or obtain an order to be approved for the grant.


Academic basis is one of the first qualifications for many education grants. In order to be considered initially for an education grant an individual must have a certain grade point average or academic background. Your academic background will need to be checked through transcripts from previous institutions including high school and college institutions.


Income is a second determining factor for many educational grants. The income of an individual is usually required in order to prove need. Educational grants are generally offered to those students who have strong academic background and strong background in a particular chosen field as well as income need. This means, those individuals who apply for educational grants may need to sign a waiver that offers full disclosure of their income background as well of their parent's income background if they are not an independent student. Tax returns and other forms may be required in order to prove verifiable income need for the educational grant depending on the grant agency.

Athletic or Artistic Qualifications

For those students seeking an athletic or artistic based educational grant, the need to prove the qualifications for these grants is necessary. An individual who is trying to receive an athletic educational grant will need to show qualifying factors that they have an athletic background. This may mean an athletic scout will come to the school and watch the student in a game or it may mean the student may need to do a walk on audition at the school to qualify. Walk ons are especially common with football, soccer and baseball type scholarships. For those individuals who are trying to reach an artistic educational grant the process is similar. Artistic grants can be tricky depending on the type of artistic grant. A musical educational grant may require a music audition while an artistic grant may require a particular piece of artwork or certain significant artwork being shown.

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