Reducing the Costs of College through Financial Aid

December 24, 2011

It's no secret that college costs a lot of money, and the cost of tuition tends to rise every year. With books and living expenses, that's a lot to handle for any student and his family. However, employers prefer candidates with a college education and seem to hire only those that have education and experience. So, without financial aid, some students can't afford to go to school. That's why a new service is helping out families design financial aid packages and prepare for tuition costs. The services are designed to take the guessing work out of financial aid and have an actual number that can show what a student needs to work on in order to fully prepare for school. is a team of knowledgeable advisors who give advice and offer services that relate to college education and financial aid. The website is designed to explain the ins and outs of the college education system, while also placing emphasis on receiving college grants, which make it easier for students to pay for school. The team of advisors works with families mostly, who have high school students and are trying to prepare for college without blowing through their savings. The website claims to save families hundreds of dollars per year as well as providing financial solutions to common problems that face low income students.

The website also features a new book about the college system entitled "College Aid for Middle Class America" which can be used a guideline for families and students who want to obtain a college degree and not pay as much out of pocket. Ryan Clark, MBA, the principal educational strategist for Clark College Funding, wrote the book and designed it specifically for low income or middle class families trying to figure out college for their children. He also works for the National Association of College Financial Advisors and is a member of the National College Advocacy Group as a certified college planner.

The book mostly talks about cost reduction and how the U.S. Department of Education comes into play when trying to access financial aid. Clark thinks that the federal system is flawed and out of date, as tuition costs continue to rise but aid hasn't met the challenge. Now, Clark has taken the bottle of paying for college to the middle class and is trying to help them with different plans for cost reduction without relying on being approved for federal grants. The book also talks about the dangers of financial aid offices at colleges and how to avoid giving out too much information about your financial situation, as many colleges often inquire about income, retirement accounts, home equity and other matters that are entirely too personal in Clark's eyes.

With the new website and book, Clark aims to unburden middle class families and finally get students a fair education with a fair price tag. He explains various steps to applying and receiving financial aid, as well as how to find new scholarships to also offset the costs of college.

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