Rotary World Peace Fellowship Gives New Hope

February 13, 2012

The Rotary World Peace Fellowship gives an opportunity for mid-career professionals who want to earn a master’s degree while studying in a foreign country. The award is sponsored by Rotary International in order to help the cause of world peace and cooperation among nations. However, to get the scholarship you have to comply with guidelines and also be committed to community service.

Selfless Actions

Rotary International has over one million members throughout the world. The group also has volunteers that complete service projects all over the world to fight various causes, fighting hunger, providing educational resources, health improvements and promoting peace. Rotary also is well known for its youth exchange program, allowing kids to travel abroad and build bridges between countries. These opportunities are for individuals who work with organizations devoted to peace and conflict resolution.

Master’s Degrees that Qualify

The Rotary World Peace Fellowships are up to a 100 awards that go to those selected for placement in education programs in seven different universities all around the world. Individuals who have chosen the opportunity must pursue a master’s degree in international relations, peace studies, public administration, conflict resolution, sustainable development or a related field. Some awardees will earn a professional development certificate in peace and conflict, rather than a master’s degree.

Award Requirements

The award covers tuition, internship or field study expenses, including lodging, meals, school fees and travel. Recipients are obligated to serve as responsible cultural ambassadors who show conflict resolution and peacemaking skills in their interactions while abroad. Rotary World Peace Fellowships are reserved for those who have a bachelor’s degree in field that relates to international understanding and peacemaking. Applicants for master’s studies must also be versed in a second language and may have at least three years of full-time work experience in an organization with community building and tolerance at the heart of its mission. Applicants need to have five years with this group.

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