See the World with An Educational Grant

October 26, 2011

Education grants aren't just for academic learning. They also provide the opportunity for some "life lesson" learning. That's just what happened this past summer when 16 Chicago High School students were given the chance to step out of their comfort zones and see the how the rest of the world is getting along. To say this was an eye-opening experience for these young minds would be an understatement. This was all made possible through a grant by the Farther Foundation. Farther Foundation is a charitable organization that offers scholarships and grants to low-income students as a way to "inspire them to reach their highest aspirations through educational travel experiences."

Destination Ghana

One of the students who went on a Farther Foundation grant sponsored trip was high school senior Melissa who traveled half a world away to the African nation of Ghana where she volunteered time at a children's home for orphans. The natural beauty of the rain forest contrasted with the poverty of the locals Melissa visited. But even living in these poor conditions, the family and children Melissa met were full of smiles and hope for a better future.

On the list of duties for Melissa and her co-travelers were some simple rehab projects like re-painting walls, fixing up the plumbing, building mosquito screens and buying new mattresses. Small fixes all around but fixes that make so much difference in the lives of those folks.

Thanks to this trip, Melissa now seems poised to enter into her higher education path with a dedication to help the kind of low income people she met in Ghana. That's just one snapshot of a story that replays itself throughout the year thanks to educational grants focused on travel studies. Maybe it's time for you to put the books down and pick up your passport!

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