South Dakota Foundation Accepts Grant Applications

October 27, 2011

The Mitchell Area Charitable Foundation is another great example of a local based foundation who wants to promote the development of its community through the awarding of grant money. They are now accepting applications for the dividing up of $20,000 in awards for the coming year.

Grant Guidelines

First and foremost, to get a hold of some of this grant money, you need to be thinking about how to improve Mitchell, South Dakota. Recently, South Dakota has been in the news thanks to the economic boom that is keeping the unemployment rate far below the national numbers. Folks are flocking to SD and this means there will be many opportunities to help in. The specific guidelines call for applications to discuss “the general purpose of the community foundation by providing support to a broad range of activities such as charitable and educational programs, scientific and social research, care of the needy, improvement of social services and educational facilities, prevention and alleviation of social ills, encouragement of the arts, and protection of the environment.” That’s a lot of area to cover but if you stay focused on the needs of the community, you might just move to the head of the application stack.

The grants awarded by the Mitchell Area Charitable Foundation have more to do with supporting community organizations as opposed to helping a specific student get their degree. However, a smart graduate student could fold in their own studies with programs from those organizations that won the award in the past. On the list are the Mitchell Regional Habitat for Humanity, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Consumer Credit Counseling Services, Mitchell High School Show Choir, Abbott House, Mitchell Christian School, Mitchell YWCA, Weekend Snack Pack, Junior Achievement, Love Feast and the Mitchell Area Historical Society. You could even make the case of using the grant money to develop a program for awarding grant money!

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