Texas School District Foundation Delivers Over $300,000 in Scholarships to Graduating Students

July 19, 2012

The McKinney Independent School District has been doing a lot for its students this year. The McKinney Education Foundation awarded $325,000 in scholarships to seniors graduating from MISD in May. The awards were presented at MEF's Scholarship Awards Night. Students were graduates from both McKinney High School and Boyd High School within the school district. Margaret Harsch, operations director for MEF, states that 256 students received scholarships this year.

"1,422 students will graduate from MISD this year. 419 students completed MEF scholarship applications, and thanks to our Scholarship Committee, which works diligently each spring to thoroughly review the applications, 256 received scholarships," said Harsch.

Melanie Perkins, executive director for MEF, explained how the college funding program has developed and what it means for students in MISD. "Our goal is to someday be able to give every graduating MISD senior a scholarship, but until then, students can utilize our MEF Advisors to meet them in their search for additional college funding. Through the Dream Builders program, which helps MEF fund higher education specialists on each MISD high school campus, MEF Advisors have helped students secure an additional $54 million in individual scholarships and grants. Today, 50 percent of McKinney Independent School District high school graduates receive some assistance with college funding due to the efforts of MEF."

The McKinney Education Foundation started 20 years ago and has been able to give scholarships to over 3,000 students, totaling $4,532,655 for Texas high school seniors over the years. Last month, the foundation celebrated 20 years at an anniversary gala, in which MEF and MISD were honored for commitments to education. The McKinney/Collin College Initiative, a co-op program between MEF, McKinney Independent School District, the City of McKinney and Collin College, MEF was able to fund scholarships worth $5,000 each, covering two years of tuition, books and fees for those headed to Collin College who live in McKinney.

This school district and program can be a model for other school districts and communities who are working towards giving back to students, providing a better future and giving them options to go to college once high school is over.

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