Unemployment Education Grants

December 7, 2012

The loss of a job or being laid off for a long period of time are two issues at the forefront of many American's minds. The fear of not being able to find another job or needing training to move to a career field with more jobs can be paralyzing. For individuals who are in this situation or may be facing this situation soon, there are educational grant options and opportunities available. Here are a few of the grant options currently available for unemployed or displaced workers.

Common Grants

There are several common grants available through the government. The most popular of these grants is the Pell Grant. There are certain income conditions that must be met, but if you are out of work this may be the easiest option to cover an educational change. Pell Grants are not only available for students seeking a two or four year degree. They are also available for students seeking education in a trade skill or a certification program. Welding programs, some truck driving schools and other high demand educational career options accept the Pell Grant.

Farmworker Grants

There are grants available for migrant farm workers or season farm workers who may find themselves out of work throughout the year. These grants cover various training programs that will allow the farm worker to gain skills that can be used in the off-season. Many farm workers have found that these grants offer the best of both worlds and save their families from having to obtain food stamps or other government benefits to make it by during tougher off-season times.

Career Placement Grants

Career Placement Grants are available through career centers throughout the United States. These career centers usually have one to three locations in each county. In order to be considered for a career placement grant, the individual should meet certain criteria. They will need to register with the job and career placement center, let the career center know their skills and the career center will then work with the individual to move through the proper channels to obtain the career placement grant. These grants run through the career centers, but will be tied to various career schools and trade schools within the area.

Career Specific Grants

High demand careers such as welding, truck driving, various green jobs will have career grants available for individuals seeking training. There may be criteria for each of these grants depending on the type of job and skills required for the job. These grants are made public online and through career schools as well as the companies offering the grants. Qualifying individuals may perform on the job training as well as in class or online training.

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