Using Your Student ID Saves You Money

February 20, 2012

There are multiple discounts for students, from everything like books to computers. College students are always looking for low priced items due to being on a string budget because of financial aid. Making that money last requires a lot of patience and restraint. Students can use discounts on transportation, technology, entertainment, local retailers and other travelling opportunities. Not only that, but your college student ID is an important tool for your classes. You have to keep your student ID for tests and student services. You can use your student ID to lower the price on a variety of items that can also be beneficial for your courses.


Thinking of buying a new computer? Keep your student ID handy. You can get discounts from places like the Apple Store and Microsoft. You can get a more affordable laptop simply by giving your student ID at the time of checkout. Apple Store gives a significant discount and often has specials that can score you free iPod Touches and other devices. Microsoft gives discounts to discounts on software, certification exams and a 10 percent discount on PCs.

Sporting Events

If you go to a state public university, then your school probably has multiple sports teams. You can get free seats or simply cheaper seats to major events simply with your student ID. University of Florida will give away tickets in a lottery to students and you only need a student ID to pick up the tickets. St. John’s University will give you free admission to soccer and baseball games, and there is even a student section for the basketball games. Most colleges offer these types of discounts. You may even be able to get a discount on professional sporting tickets. The LA Dodgers started a program where a student ID gets you a ticket for $10, which is a 70 percent discount.


What do you like to do for fun? Movie theatres are not the only ones to offer student discounts. Night clubs and restaurants often will offer discounts to students including specials and percentages off their meal price simply by showing your ID. Movie theaters are a national resource for students. You can see a movie for under $7 in some cities with your student ID. There have been recent changes to the movie prices, but in general, you should be able to get a discount with your ID.


In college towns, a bus system usually carries students to and from campus. For that reason, a student ID can get you free bus rides. Gainesville, home of the University of Florida Gators, has a bus system that allows free passage with your student ID which essentially becomes a bus pass. However, some airfare can also be discounted with your ID, including travel by JetBlue, which offers an 11 percent discount. You may also get a cheaper Greyhound ticket for longer bus travel.

Other Options

You should ask local retailers and restaurants if they have a student discount. The important thing to note is that not everyone discloses a discount but businesses will often honor discounts made by other restaurants and retailers. You won’t know however, until you ask.

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