Weston Education Foundation Grants Open

October 28, 2011

There are some education grants awarded to students who can study anywhere in the country while other types of grants are targeted for a specific community. The Weston Education Foundation (WEF) grants fall into the latter category. The WEF was founded in 1994 with the mission statement to “foster excellence and innovation in education. WEF was created in response to the need for alternative sources for funding education both within the school system as well as the broader Weston community.” That would be Weston, Connecticut.

Every Little Grant Helps

Right now, applications are being accepted from any Weston-based organization or individual who need funds to help develop programs that will be a benefit for local Weston residents. The series of grants in this round of funding will be $1,500.

In the past, the Weston Education Foundation has awarded a $2,000 annual grant that was given to a Weston teacher who has “demonstrated to the satisfaction of the Foundation an unusual level of originality and dedication to creative teaching.” This would be those teachers who go the extra mile to provide their students with a decent education and valuable social lessons. Grants are also handed out to teachers who are developing educational programs that also benefit the community at large.

While the awards handed out by WEF might seem small, they can certainly be a big help especially for those educators or students who are struggling to meet the challenges of financing their education goals. Like many organizations, the WEF is funded completely through donations. They strive to keep their overhead costs low so that 100% of the proceeds can go to their recipients. The lesson to learn here: if you’re searching for grants, consider going local.

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