Scholarships for College

College can be an expensive proposition. In fact, college tuition today is more expensive than it has ever been. So if you're feeling overwhelmed by the cost of college, you're not alone. Fortunately, there are thousands of college scholarships available to people like you to help pay for college. EducationGrantsForSchool can help you search all the major scholarships to find out which aid you are eligible for.

In short, a scholarship is a sum of money or other aid granted to a student to pay for tuition and other educational expenses. Scholarships are typically offered by educational institutions and private organizations and charities, and you are not required to repay scholarships. Thousands of scholarships are available for students on the basis of:

  • Exceptional academic performance
  • Financial hardship
  • Gender
  • Minority status
  • Major or area of study
  • Submission for an academic contest

College Scholarship for Academic Performance

A high percentage of college scholarships are based upon academic performance. So if you're an exceptional student, you may be eligible for dozens of academic-performance scholarships. Since academics are so highly competitive, you'll usually need to maintain ""A"" grades and a grade point average in the high 3s. Academic performance scholarships are typically offered by colleges and private institutions.

College Scholarship for Financial Hardship

Some college scholarships are based upon financial hardship and financial need. Typically, financial hardship cases are covered by grants, but there are some college scholarships that are financial need-based. In some cases, financial hardship is considered along with minority status in awarding the scholarship. Financial hardship scholarships are typically awarded by colleges, private institutions and governments.

College Scholarship for Women

Just a few decades ago, women were highly underrepresented in college and the workplace. As a result, many gender-based scholarships were created to advance the cause of women in higher education. So if you're a woman in need of college tuition assistance, there are many college scholarships offered for women. Naturally, simply being a woman won't get you a scholarship. You'll compete against other women on the basis of academic performance and other factors. Gender-based scholarships or scholarships for women are typically offered by private institutions.

College Scholarship for Minorities

Minorities have always had a difficult time getting opportunities in college and the workplace. So in recent years, quite a number of minority-based scholarships have been created to foster college opportunities for minorities. Minority scholarships are typically offered by colleges, governments and private institutions, and are usually intended as African American scholarships, Latino scholarships, Asian scholarships, Native American scholarships, and other minority scholarships. Minority scholarships are also provided to women and people with disabilities. College scholarships for minorities are determined based on academic performance and other factors in addition to minority status.

College Scholarship for Special Fields of Study

There are many times when an individual, private company or government wishes to foster interest and growth in a particular field or industry. One way to accomplish this is to offer college scholarships based upon one's major or specific area of study. For example, agriculture scholarships encourage students to study agriculture; aerospace scholarships drive interest in the aerospace industry; medical scholarships help foster interest in the healthcare field; and so on. Depending on your particular area of study, you may find a number of college scholarships available for your major.

College Scholarship Contest

Many private institutions and companies offer contest-based scholarships to raise awareness for their cause and reward exceptional student work. Typically students applying for a college scholarship contest will submit some kind of work related to their field of study, such as a thesis paper, a piece of art, a computer program, or anything that demonstrates great skill. A contest-based scholarship is awarded to the best contest submission and is usually not tied to any other factor, such as academic performance. So no matter which field of study you're pursuing, you'll no doubt find any number of contests where you can submit your work and potentially win a scholarship.

So take a moment now and let EducationGrantsForSchool find the right college scholarship for you. Start searching for college scholarships today and make your college education a reality.

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