Frequently Asked Questions about College Grants

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about education grants for school:

What is a college grant?

A college grant is a sum of money or other aid granted to a student to pay for tuition and other educational expenses.

How is a college grant different from a college scholarship?

College grants and college scholarships are actually quite similar in that they are both sums of money given to a student to pay for their college education, and neither needs to be repaid. The major difference between grants and scholarships is that scholarships are more commonly given for academic merit, while grants are based on other factors, such as financial hardship or minority status.

What kinds of college grants are available?

The different kinds of college grants include federal grants, state grants, minority grants, military grants, personal grants, and foundation grants.

Who is eligible for college grants?

Eligibility for college grants depends on the type of college grant. Financial need-based grants are available for people who are suffering from financial hardship. Minority grants are available to ethnic minorities, women, and people with disabilities. Military grants are available to armed forces veterans and their spouses. Project-based grants are available to students in a particular major or area of study.

How much money can I get from a college grant?

College grants range from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars, depending on the type of grant and the needs of the student. Federal and state grants are usually capped at several thousand dollars, regardless of financial need or the cost of tuition.

How can I use my college grant money?

College grant money is typically applied automatically to tuition. For project-based grants, grant money is given directly to the student to pay for the project. In some cases, the total amount of grants and scholarships exceeds tuition expense, and the student receives an overpayment reimbursement to use as they see fit.

Which schools accept college grants?

All accredited colleges and universities accept college grants. Furthermore, colleges and universities typically provide a financial aid department to help you identify which grants you are eligible for.

What if my college grants aren't enough to pay for my college education?

It is not uncommon for college grants to be insufficient in covering the entire cost of tuition. For the most part, tuition has outpaced funding for grants. In such a case, you are responsible for finding supplemental sources of funding for your college tuition, such as cash, student loans, and scholarships.

Can I get a college grant if I'm not financially challenged?

Yes, not all college grants are financial need-based. In fact, there are hundreds of grants offered on the basis of minority status, gender status, military service, area of study, and more.

What's the best way to find out which college grants I'm eligible for?

EducationGrantsForSchool provides a comprehensive database of all major college grants and will help you determine your eligibility. You can also consult your college's financial aid department.

  • Outline your project goals
  • Present yourself as credible and competent in your chosen field
  • Clearly state the problem you are addressing and the purpose of your project
  • State your goals and desired outcomes
  • Lay out a clear and concise plan of action
  • Explain how you plan to evaluate performance and meet milestones
  • Detail your budget and how you will effectively use grant funding to achieve your goals

If you're prepared with all the tools necessary to apply for a college grant, let EducationGrantsForSchool help you find all the college grants you're eligible for. So take a moment now and start making your college education more affordable.

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