State College Grants

State college grants are grants provided by the state government where you live or go to school. Each individual state offers a number of grants to qualifying students on the basis of:

  • financial need
  • academic performance
  • minority status
  • gender
  • military service
  • disability

State Grants for Financial Need

Some state grants for college are based upon financial hardship and financial need. Financial need is determined on two primary factors: yours and/or your parents' income, and the cost of tuition at your school. Obviously, the lower your income and the higher your tuition expenses, the greater chance you have of obtaining a state grant based on financial need.

State Grants for Academic Performance

A number of state grants for college are based upon academic performance. So if you're an exceptional student, you may be eligible for dozens of academic-performance grants. Typically you'll need to maintain an A-average and a GPA in the high 3s.

State Grants for Minorities

Minority grants for college are grants provided to ethnic minorities such as African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, as well as women and people with disabilities. Minority grants are offered by states because ethnic minorities, women and people with disabilities have been historically underrepresented in American colleges. So minority grants are a way to help foster greater college participation among minority groups.

State Grants for Military Veterans

States offer many grants to veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their spouses. Since service men and women make a tremendous sacrifice by enlisting in the armed forces instead of going straight to college, state governments offer a number of military college grants to help military veterans and their spouses pay for school after military duty is fulfilled. Examples of state grants for military veterans include:

  • The Alabama National Guard Educational Assistance Program awards up to $1000 each year to undergraduate and graduate students who are members of Alabama National Guard.
  • The Illinois National Guard Grant Program awards $1300 to $1700 to undergraduate and graduate students who are members of Illinois National Guard.
  • The Illinois Veteran Grant Program awards $1400 to $1600 each year to veteran undergraduate and graduate students attending Illinois colleges.

Each state has its own grant offerings, so you'll need to do a search of your state grant offerings to see if you qualify for a state college grant. So let EducationGrantsForSchool help you find which state grants you are eligible for, and start getting help with your college tuition today.

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